2. Taste origins

Simply said, it was the food I ate at home when I was small that I consider to be my taste origins. It was nothing like gourmet food, just regular things. Something like croquette my grandma made or my mom's homemade cooking. I always liked those comfort foods.

It is not the taste per se that I remember. In my memory, the food and the people who made it are always connected. What I remember is not the impression of when I ate something for the first time; it is the feeling that someone made the food for me. My dad passed away early, but he used to cook at times. It didn't matter if it was delicious or bad, I still have strong memories about my parents, grandma, or my aunt cooking for me with sincerity.

My parents are both from Kyoto, but I grew up in Osaka. I remember I tried Kyoto's sophisticated foods like tea with Japanese sweets, especially at my dad's parents' house. I have never formally learned the tea ceremony, but I experienced the bitter green tea like that used in the tea ceremony. These experiences gave me insight into traditional Japanese hospitality.

2. 原点の味とは?

簡単にいうと、家で食べていたものっていうことになっちゃうと思うんですよ。小さいとき、 もちろん高級食材ということでもなく、ほんとごくごく普通のものなんですけどね。たとえば、ばあちゃんが作ってくれるコロッケとか、母の手料理みたいな、ホッとする心安らぐ料理がすきだったんですよ。