4. Deciding my career path

After my first year in college, I started to wonder if I would work in architecture the rest of my life. When I started taking specialized courses in my junior year I was more interested in cooking. Because I needed to make money as well, I worked so hard and stopped going to classes from my second year in college.

My grandparents, who lost their only son, felt strongly that I should graduate from university and opposed that I take the path of being a chef. My grandfather was a retired professor and did not think being a chef was an honorable career. My mother supported the path I chose, but she also wanted me to graduate university for the sake of my grandparents.

One day I was called by a professor. “How come you don't come to classes at all? What will you do in the future?” When asked, I decided to speak honestly. “I think it will be difficult to make a career in architecture, but I cannot quit university because of family circumstances.”

The professor not only understood my situation, he helped me prepare a path where I could keep working at my cooking jobs and still graduate from university. Because of his support, I was able to make up my mind and be a chef. I am still very thankful for this professor.

4. 進路を定める

たぶん大学一回生が終わったぐらいから「一生建築やっていくのはどうかな」と思っていたんですよね。三回生になったときにゼミが始まったんですけど、僕の興味は料理の方にいっていました。お金がほしいのもあってアルバイトばかりしていて、二回生 くらいからほとんど学校に行っていなかったんですよ。



すると、「そうか、がんばれ」と理解してくれて、アルバイトをフルに続けながら大学卒業できるように抜け道を作ってくれたんです。そのとき先生に後押しをしていただいたおかげで 、料理人になるという僕の気持ちが決まったと思います。今でもその先生に感謝しています。