5. I want to go to America

I'd worked in izakaya restaurants all through my four years in university. One day, for some reason, I felt strange when I realized that all of the customers I was waiting on were Japanese. I had to ask myself if it was fun to serve only Japanese people in this small island for the rest of my life.

I thought I wanted to serve my food in the US where many different people live. So I came to Los Angeles when I was in junior in college. I had this impression that it was a place where Japanese food flourished because of Little Tokyo. I went around eating in many different restaurants. However, it was right after the LA riots and it wasn't like I had imagined at all. So I changed my plans and moved to San Francisco.

Right before I left Japan, one of my younger friends gave me the phone number of a person who managed a Japanese restaurant near San Francisco. It was Masa who still manages his restaurant Masa Sushi in Novato in Marin County. I met him for the first time and asked if it was okay to work for him after graduating university. Masa agreed and the arrangement was made.

5. アメリカに行きたい



日本を出発する前に、たまたま大学の後輩がサンフランシスコの近くでお鮨屋さんをしている人の連絡先を教えてくれたんですよ。今もノバトでMasa Sushiというお店をしていてお世話になっているマサさんという人なんですけど、そのとき初めてお会いしました。僕は大学3年生だったんですけど、卒業してからこっちに来ていいですか?と話をしたら、こちらはかまわないよ、ということで受け入れていただけることになったんです。