8. To Vancouver, Canada

Knowing I couldn't enter the US for the next 10 years, I thought about what I could do during that time. I wanted to go to an English-speaking country and decided on Canada. I thought its culture might be similar to America's. I also plotted to smuggle myself back into the US from there.

I went to Vancouver and rented a car to look for jobs. I visited all the restaurants and asked, “May I work a trial for one day?” While doing that, I made some friends and was introduced to a few Japanese chefs with excellent skills. Once I was accepted, I went back to Japan to get a working holiday visa.

The restaurant was called KOJI Japanese Restaurant in downtown Vancouver. At the beginning, I had fun working there but slowly realized that the Japanese food culture in Canada is not as up-to-date as in the US. The owner of KOJI thought highly of me and offered to sponsor my Canadian green card. I asked him to give me some time to seriously think about it.

8. カナダのバンクーバーへ



ダウンタウンのKOJI Japanese Restaurantというお店でした。そこで働いてて、その当時はそれで楽しかったんですけど、カナダの日本食文化に対する遅れを感じ始めたのと同時に、アメリカへの夢を忘れることができなかったんです。 オーナーも僕の仕事ぶりを評価してくれて、カナダのグリーンカードを申請してあげると言ってくれたんですが「ちょっと考えさせてください」といって、悩んでいた時もあったんです。